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Physical Properties

  • Atomic Mass: 223
  • Atomic Radius: Unknown
  • Density: Unknown
  • Melting Point: 294 K
  • Boiling point: 923 K
  • At room temperature, Francium is a liquid
  • Appearance: Brown and soft
  • Conductivity: Very High
  • Malleability: High
  • Hardness: Soft

Chemical Properties

  • Flammability: High
  • Radioactivity: Very High

Identifying Information

  • Atomic Number: 87
  • Mass Number: 223
  • Protons: 87
  • Neutrons: 136
  • Electrons: 87
  • Francium is included in the Alkali Metals. These are soft and radioactive metals. Francium is the heaviest of all the elements in this group

History and Discovery

Francium was discovered in France in 1939 by Marguerite Perey while analyzing the radioactive decaying sequence of Actinium

Applications and Uses

No uses outside of basic scientific research. Very small amounts are found in Uranium Ores.

Fun Facts

Francium got its name because it was discovered in France

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