October EL Tips

Tips and Information to Help Your English Learners

CTS Language Link

CTS Language Link is an interpreting service that all staff members can use. The interpreting is done over the phone and works best for making a third-party call to a parent or over speakerphone for a parent/teacher conference. I’ve used it many times for non-Spanish speaking families and the operator is usually able to get an interpreter on the line in 30 seconds or less. If you’d like help using the service, I’d be happy to walk you through it. I know that our families appreciate it when they can hear directly from their student’s classroom teacher.

How to Use Language Link

  1. Call 1 (877) 737-4999
  2. Enter Account number 9812 followed by #
  3. Dial 9 to reach a customer service representative.
  4. Give the representative your 4-digit employee ID.
  5. Tell the representative what language you need interpreted. At this time you can explain if you’d like to make a third-party call or will have the interpreter on speakerphone.
  6. When the interpreter gets on the line you can introduce yourself and explain your reason for calling.

Please click the link below if you have more questions about how the service works.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation FAQs

Remind App Update

A translation feature is coming soon for those of you who communicate with students and parents using Remind. While the translations may not be exact, they're certainly better than nothing. Check out the update here.

Supporting Your ELs

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The Power of Google Translate

I used this tool the other day to translate Japanese text inscribed on an antique angle finder. I discovered that some of the characters said, "Firing Range!"
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For Your Funny Bone

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