mLISD Elementary Campus Update

An Technology Update for LISD Elementary Campuses

What does mLISD have to do with Elementary?

The LISD Elementary Long-Range distribution plan has been developed as a part of the LISD mobile learning initiative, mLISD. The intent of the new design which utilizes a variety of devices, easily accessible within the elementary classrooms was to facilitate the use of technology based on the functions needed for the learning experience or activity. It was clear in our collaborative exploration of different devices (iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, etc.) that no one device met the needs for our next generation classrooms.
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Update on Internet and Wireless Access

We understand the frustration over bandwidth and have been working hard to improve access at all of our LISD campuses. Unfortunately in a system our size, improving network performance is a very complex and expensive undertaking, with many steps. Over the last year, after receiving some much needed capital funding, we have undertaken a process of upgrading many of our core infrastructure systems. One of the most recent upgrades was acquiring additional Internet bandwidth for the district in January, providing us with six times our previous Internet connectivity. This was a time consuming process as providers had to upgrade and extend their networks in order to provide the amount of bandwidth we require, which was previously unavailable in the Cedar Park/Leander area.