Dave Gomez


There are many thing in the dark. Some are just weird creepy animals, or It can bee the one and only Slender Man.He has one of the most scariest faces in the world to me, but that's just it , he has no face.

Body paragraphs and Conclusion

The dark skinny figure sneaks through the night looking for his next victim. I think he kills to satisfy or else who knows what he might do. The no faced character will give you clues that he is after you, nausea and ringing in the ears.

Slender Man could be any were right now thanks to his teleporting ability. The guy wears a suit and has 4 tenticals that slither around his back. This horrafing figure has no regard for any one.

If you see him your dead cause he wont stop stalking you until you are dead. Nothing will stop him, I mean No A Thing.