Food for Thought

Volume 2

Heating Up!

Well, now that summer is nearly over, let's enjoy the 90 degree weather! I want to thank you all for the many proactive actions you are implementing to help our students succeed early on in the school year.
This week's FFT has plenty of videos from the Teaching Channel, as well as the Prezi that goes with the Restorative Practice session from last week (two youtube clips provide context).

School Culture: Restoratvie Practices

#1stChat: Academic Choice: Comprehending/Retelling (CCSS: ELA.RL.1.1 ELA.RL.1.2 ELA.RL.1.3 )

#2ndChat: Teaching Text Features and Evidence Gathering (CCSS: ELA.RI.2.1 ELA.RI.2.5 )

#3rdChat: Choral Counting (CCSS: Math.3.OA.D.9 Math.Practice.MP3 Math.Practice.MP7)

#4thChat: Reasoning about Division (CCSS: Math.4.NBT.B.6 )

5thChat: Analzyig Poetry (CCSS: ELA.RL.5.4 ELA.W.5.1a )