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Superhero STAFF believe, Superhero STUDENTS achieve


Do you remember during B.O.Y PD we did "extemporaneous" speeches? Question number three was; what do you do when things/life gets tough; what do you do to move forward? We then had a flank on both sides. A flank is protection on both sides, a flank ensures you stand. What was your response? Now is the time. As a site we will lean on our life principles; we tell kids about them every week BUT we live them for students and families EVERY DAY. We will lean on our P.O.W.E.R; we lead kids to pledge weekly--we also Pledge P.O.W.E.R.

It's not often that organizations experience so much at one time. It seems that within a short amount of time, our site alone has experienced so much (professional & personally). The awesome thing is that our students are still growing! I have often stated that you are the GAME CHANGERS. I can't imagine a world without YOU!

If you have not done so, take a few minutes to reflect on our students/families, and our colleagues. Now think about YOU. Isn't it difficult to number all that you've done! Through all of it, so much has occurred that has tugged and pulled at the heart strings of so many of our fellow Superheroes. Many of the issues have been life changing events. As we PUSH forward, I couldn't move on without reminding you----although tough times face us, YOU are the inspiration that makes the difference. Your Superhero team members are your flanks--and

You will stand. WE are a team, your TEAM will be sure that you STAND.

Through it all, we will become stronger, better people and practitioners,.....we are determined.

A very relevant quote:

We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history.
-Sonia Johnson

We are impacting our Bell community, we are impacting one another also.
We are moving School Forward & Beyond.

Have a great week!

World Without Teachers

Compliance for the week of February 15-19, 2016

Walk-through visit focus will remain the same this week: Indicator 1 (Preparation) and specifically how you planned and executed differentiated instruction (i.e. guided reading, literacy stations, etc.)

Formal TLE Observations/conference will continue.

Monday 2/15

No School

Lesson Plans due

Tuesday 2/16

Lesson Plans due ( SPED)

PLC K, 1,2 ( Data Meeting)...MAP/iREAD

Wednesday 2/17

PLC 6 (Data Meeting)...SRI/SMI

Thursday 2/18

PLC 3,4 ( Data Meeting)....MAP/SRI

Friday 2/19

PLC 5 ( Data Meeting)....SRI/SMI

  • Weekly Grades DUE in Powerschool

2 reading grades due in PowerSchool

2 math grades due in PowerSchool

1 social studies grade due in PowerSchool

1 science grade due in PowerSchool

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Literacy Night is here ! Thursday, February 18th. Please ensure that you have your assignment from your team and/or Ms. Parks. We are in hopes of kicking off a fun and engaging Literacy Night again! The fun begins at 6pm and ends at 8pm. Please be on post by 6pm. Remember this is one of the required events as noted in August 2015.

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Balanced Literacy Resources

During our Early Release PD we delved into word study and math. We learned of a new resource to use in for instructional planning and execution! Special thanks to our Instructional Coaches: Jeni McIntrye and Melissa Brown

Click here to access Portaportal and enter as a guest. Enter using the following; claysu (all lowercase). This site is loaded with a wealth of resources for executing ELA curriculum/Balanced Literacy. Have fun!
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School Culture/Climate

A few weeks ago we did our middle of the year culture walk. It was recognized that common area physical space was rated as "proficient." This means that the following is present:

  • Bulletin boards are filled and promote student learning and the school’s mission/vision

  • School environment is mostly clutter-free

  • Environment is welcoming with signage and directions in multiple languages as appropriate

  • School Branding is evident – School Name & Mascot, Motto –ie- PBIS, School Focus

  • Student Data – ie.- Attendance & Achievement, etc is clearly posted

  • School grounds are usually maintained

To this end, for days in a row our school auditorium has been trashed in several areas. This is internal. Several of our teaching staff, students (volunteering) and our custodial staff have assisted in the upkeep. There have been items left behind such as fruit, homework, candy wrappers, writing supplies, cans of soda and more. It is the responsibility of our Superhero staff to ensure that expectations are enforced. Please make sure that students do no bring food into the auditorium. Any personal belongings student bring in to the auditorium should be taken with them (homework, books, pencils, etc.). Inspect what you expect--check your students before they leave their lockers/as you supervise dismissal routines in the hallway daily.

*********Since January, team leaders and I have given reminders about Bulletin Boards and student work displayed. If you have not updated your student work displays, please do so by Wednesday, February 17. If your classroom needs tidying up, please do so--during PT Conference our parents need to see that our staff has Super P.O.W.E.R.********

Students are doing amazing work, show what they know---that's Great Expectations! Use these displays as an opportunity to highlight/acknowledge student progress (Ind. 5).

Guided Reading/A plan for differentiation

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At the start of the school year we spent a lot of time constructing what guided reading looks like and developing differentiated groups!

Jan Richardson has an awesome guide for how to plan, implement and analyze the effective guided reading. We have used this in the PLC and if you have worked with our instructional coach for ELA you have seen this as well. Our students are making awesome gains in levels. During the next PLC you will be noting student changes from book levels on this attached document. Please bring your lastest running records with you to PLC this week. We will bring MPG/MAP/SRI/SMI data for respective teams. As you change your literacy stations again, this link is a great resource for ensuring stations are differentiated by RIT bands. Here is the one for Math differentiated support by RIT bands.

Our PLC's will focus on: analyzing BOY to MOY data, setting EOY projections and briefing discussing retention review. We will leave you with data cards for you to complete (they will be used in our new PLC room!!! Yay). Our new space will be for staff professional learning and the weekly PLC (data meetings, etc.) Check out how one intermediate uses a school wide data wall. WOW!

Data Driven

Jackson Intermediate: Data Wall

Book Alive Day is almost here! Do you have your favorite book picked out? Your costume?

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Book Alive Day is March 4!

At the beginning of January, I spoke about our celebration of books/reading! It's almost that time to have some fun with celebrating reading. The 1st week of March is Read Across America Week, We will have readers in the building from various companies, organizations throughout the city. In an effort to make it fun and exciting for our students, we will dress up as our favorite character from one of our favorite books! Our Bell Book Alive Day is March 4, it's actually Early Release that day and you won't have to wear our costume all day! Be creative, have fun! #getready

Important Dates to Remember

  • 2/15 President''s Day (No School)
  • 2/18 Literacy Night 6pm-8pm
  • 2/19 Robotics Competition (Hall)
  • 2/20 Bell Basketball @ the Dream Center 1pm
  • 2/27 Bell Basketball @ the Dream Center 2pm
  • 2/29 African American Heritage Celebration (Assembly-Upper) @ 1pm
  • 3/2-3/3 CST (bring intervention evidences)
  • 3/4 Bell Book Alive Day & Early Release
  • 3/5 Bell Basketball @ the Dream Center 2pm
  • 3/8-3/10 American Fidelity @ Bell
  • 3/3 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:20pm - 7pm (required)
  • 3/8 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:20pm - 6pm (required)
  • 3/11-3/18 SPRING BREAK (3/11 is work day for PT Conf for those who do not conference on 3/3 and 3/8. See one of the Admin if you plan to work 3/11
  • 3/25 3rd Quarter Grade Due by COB---comments required for "D" or "F"
  • 3/31 Report Cards go Home


Each week our data meetings are during the planning period on the grade level identified day, please remember that your data and pre-work (analysis) is very important to this work (approaching, mastery, far below). Sometimes they are lead by the team, admin or our coaches. As a part of our work we have norms, please ensure you are on time. If admin is pulled because of an issue, please move forward with the data meeting, if you are not present we will move forward as well knowing that if it is an emergency you will have contacted an admin. Please dismiss at the norm time (there is a time keeper) ---when you are late, specials is impacted which impacts the master schedule. One person late by 2-5 minutes impacts lots of children and adults.

Staff Meeting Save the Dates ( from Ask3 Document in Superhero Binder)

2/22 ,2/29, 3/7 ,3/21 ,3/28 ,4/4 ,4/11, 4/18

4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23

Please avoid scheduling appointments from 3:15-4:15 on the dates listed above.

Please be on time, the last few meetings very few team members have been there within the 1st 10 minutes of the meeting. Unless you have duty please be on time.

Early Release Save the Dates ( from Ask3 Document in Superhero Binder)

Only 2 remaining! 3/4, and 4/1 ( no April Fool's!)

Please avoid scheduling appointments from 1:00-3:15 on the dates listed above.

Be on time.

Leadership Meeting Save the Dates

3/3, 3/24, 4/7, 4/14, 5/12

*additional date(s) possible

Parent Teacher Conference Resources

Parent conference is a time to share objective data with parents. It is important to share subjective data where appropriate. You will want to share B.O.Y. assessment data, M.O.Y. assessment data, work habits, goals, interventions, behavior, etc. Parents look to you as the expert; please be sure that you give parents information on how they can help at home. (think SMART goal; give them specific, measurable, achievable, resources, time bound practices to do at home with their students. If you tell them what to do, they will do it!

State Testing; who's counting! It's 35-36 days until the OCCT


While we are in the emerging stages of planning and our district training has occurred, we still have time to ensure that curriculum has been accessed for all 3-6 students. As you move forward with reteach; you will notice or affirm that the work you have been doing and the data analysis and reteaching is what is preparing your students for the high stakes testing in just a few weeks ahead!

The buckle down request has been honored and at last check no delivery. I will continue to check as it was submitted some time ago. Additionally, here are some resources for literacy test preparation (from our C & I department) as you forge ahead:

Click here for Assessment Literacy Resources

In my greeting I mentioned our progress; take a look! This is HUGE! I hope you realize the conversions for OCCT! Let's keep the momentum and celebrate..

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