Zach Quinn

Why steroids are good for you.

Scientists use steroids for burned victims, stimulate bone marrow production, and to treat medical conditions such as children's growth disorders and hGH deficiencies in adults. Also they use steroids for people that are burned to help them recover faster.

Frequently Asked questions.

Why do athletes take steroids? Athletes take steroids because they produce more red blood cells than normal and has a rapid muscle growth.

Do people get banned for steroids if they get caught? Yes people do get a suspension or ban if they take steroids, in my opinion people that take them should be banned for a long time.

Steroids in Sports

The effects that steroids have on the body--- building up muscles and increasing red blood cells, trainers, coaches, and athletes started using the drugs in their training programs. Sooner than later people found out that people were using steroids to make them better and they started banning steroids that would make them unstoppable in their sport. People that take steroids in sports should be suspended or banned from their sport for a long time in my opinion.

Some of the Athletes that took them