Dress codes.

By: Morgan Allen

3 dress codes: respected ones.

Some dress codes that I respect is that you do not wear non-formal clothing at a golf meeting, wear formal wear such as khakis, and a polo (for men), and usually for women, a polo and a skirt. And also that on construction sites, you must wear a hard hat, that is very useful because of your safety. One last dress code that I respect is you do not wear hats in business buildings such as banks or school, because like the hard hat, it is for your safety (if there was an incident such as a robbery, but they could not identify you because you had a hat on, so your face was hidden).


3 dress codes: I disagree with.

Some dress codes that I disagree with is not being allowed to wear a certain top because it shows to much "cleavage" or to much mid drift. It is just skin, that's all it is. We was all born without clothes so it's not like we were destined to wear specific clothes, clothes were just made to protect people from frostbite, or sun damage, and it turned into something of our daily life that is complimented, shamed, liked, or judged, it fills up malls, stores, its what we think about in the morning or an event, but don't judge people on what they choose to wear, if they like it, then you shouldn't be mean about their choice of clothing. It's just the human body, no one should be able to be shamed by the stuff they wear. Another code that I disagree with is a woman wearing a skirt to short is not permitted. I disagree with this because its just a skirt, if it was very short, people would judge the person wearing it, but if they wore shorts that short, they would not be judged. And then another dress code that I disagree with is not being able to wear open toed shoes. As long it has a back for the heel, because flip flops can be stepped on and you have no protection for your feet, then I can see why, that open toed shoes are banned.


3 dress codes that aren't in use, but should be enacted.

Some dress codes that I think should be enforced is being able to have a choice in what you wear at school. Such as a boarding school, there should be a choice in whether you want to wear a uniform, I think children should express themselves, and be comfortable in what they like wearing, and showing their style, but there is also an alternative if you do want to wear the uniform, but you should have a choice. Another dress code is not wearing a hoodie with the hood up covering your head, in buildings. I know in some buildings this is already enforced, but I think it should be enforced more for safety reasons. And the last dress code that I think should be permitted is having a day a week, or month were you dress however you want, if you want to dress up in a fancy dress, dress up with your best friend, or dress up however you want, what ever size or shape you are. And mostly this applies to everyday because I think people should be able to express themselves before they get into the real world where the dress codes are most likely going to be more strict.