The Summit Herald

By Gage Kordsmeier and Kati Dumboski

Local Boy Kidnapped, Now returned!

Jonny Dorset was kidnapped by two desperate men in search of fast cash.

He was taken away one night after sundown while throwing rocks at kittens. He was kidnapped because he was the only child of a prominent man, Ebenezer Dorset. They tackled him, put him in the back of the buggy, and sped away. He was kept two miles from Summit, in little hilly area cover in brush. He was returned at 12:00 A.M.; with the kidnappers paying his family to take him back. Let us just say that young Johnny, isn't the friendliest, or most self-contained boy you have ever met. He was unharmed, and when asked, said that he enjoyed his ¨outing the Indians.¨