Creative Outlet

Advantage Arts Academy | April 8th, 2022

In This Issue:

  • Dates to remember
  • Message From the Principal
  • Wax Museum
  • Center Stage
  • After School Clubs
  • Get Involved
  • Thank you
  • Breakfast and Lunch - Free Lunch Options
  • Advantage Arts is Hiring

Dates to Remember

  • Monday, April 11- Violin 3:15
  • Tuesday, April 12- Drama Club 3:30
  • Tuesday, April 12- Violin 3:15
  • Wednesday, April 13- Art Club 3:15
  • Wednesday, April 13- Violin 3:15
  • Thursday, April 14- Violin 3:15
  • Friday, April 15- Advantage Arts Stars
  • Friday, April 15- EARLY RELEASE ( School is out at 1:30)
  • Monday, April 18th to April 22nd- SPRING BREAK/ NO SCHOOL
  • Monday, April 25- Violin 3:15
  • Tuesday, April 26- Drama Club 3:30
  • Tuesday, April 26- Violin 3:15
  • Wednesday, April 27- Art Club 3:30
  • Wednesday, April 27- Violin 3:15
  • Thursday, April 28- Student Government 3:30
  • Thursday, April 28- Violin 3:15
  • Friday, April 29- School Play (Little Women) 6:00PM
  • Friday, April 29- EARLY RELEASE (School is out at 1:30)

Message from the Principal

Dear Advantage Arts Family,

We had a great week packed with fun things happening here at Advantage Arts. Mrs. Jahnsen's class did a great job with their "wax museum". The students were well prepared, and they were able to recite their big speaking parts by memory! Also, we had class pictures on Wednesday. Friday was the Scales and Tales assembly organized by our student council.

Just a reminder that we are coming up on the end of the year. There is a lot going on between now and the last day, so make sure you are checking with your teachers to find out how to get involved. We have one more week until Spring Break. Let's make it a great one!

Mr. Kano

Mrs. Jahnsen's Wax Museum

Today we had a Wax Museum for Mrs. Jahnsen's 3rd grade class! Everyone here at Advantage Arts Academy LOVED seeing all the hard work they had put into these projects. They made posters for the exhibits and dressed as their person for today as well as performed a song as a class and wrote speeches. Previously they wrote reports on the subjects they chosen. We loved learning about all these famous people!

Center Stage

3rd Grade Minecraft Portraits

In third grade students are learning about finding the area and perimeter of basic shapes. We thought that minecraft connected to this because everything is made up of basic squares and rectangles. Students made portraits in the minecraft style and found the perimeter of their portrait.

2nd Grade Geometric Desserts

In second grade, students are learning about geometric shapes. We looked at examples of art by the artist Wayne Thiebaud, who paints desserts that are made up of geometric shapes. Students picked which dessert they wanted to create and what shapes they would need to make it. Then they used oil pastels to color in the desserts and watercolors to paint the background. These turned out beautifully!

1st Grade Number Pictures

In first grade we focused on how to represent a number visually. Students thought about something they could make using only rectangles and squares. Then they collaged the rectangles and squares and counted them by tens and ones to find how many squares they used.

After School Clubs


ART CLUB IS NOW FULL! Please be sure you have paid your art club fee. There is a $40 participation fee that needs to be paid in the office to cover the cost of supplies. Art Club is two times a month from now until May. Art Club starts right after school at 3:15 in the art room (Room Number 203). If you have any questions on dates or questions about art club please email Mrs. Redd at

Violin Music Club

Violin Club will be for 3rd-6th Grade Student and is on MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY from 3:15-4:15. Students in the Violin Music Club will need go straight to ROOM 201 (Next to Mrs. Redd's art room) after school. On the day your student has club, larger instruments can be brought into the front office in the morning and must be picked up on the way to room 210.

Drama Club

Drama Club practice for Little Women. Please make sure younger siblings are picked up and your student is coming prepared to focus and work hard. We are so excited to see the students shine in this play!

Please email Miss Thomas with any questions at Thank you!

Get Involved

We have so many fun opportunities to volunteer at our amazing school and be part of all of the fun!

Our next big volunteer opportunity is our upcoming color run! This EVENT will be in May! We are looking to start a parent crew to help out with this activity! Please reach out to Miss Loni if you want to be part of this incredibly amazing fundraiser!

Thank you to everyone that has volunteered so far this year. You are the reason Advantage Arts Academy is so amazing.


We would like to send an extra special shout out to EVERYONE that donates to our school! We are who are and are able to do what we do because of all of you! Thank you to all of our amazing parents that support our staff! We appreciate you all more then we can begin to express!

Make sure to stop into these businesses and and show them some love.

Former Miss Utah and Current Miss Herriman

John Paras Furniture

Lifetouch Portraits

Mi Rancherito in American Fork

Hale Center Theatre

Again, we are so thankful for your support and donations!

Breakfast & Lunch


  • Monday, April 11 - Muffin or Donut
  • Tuesday, April 12- Fresh Baked Cinnamon Roll or Breakfast Casserole
  • Wednesday, April 13- French Toast Sticks or Croissant Sandwich
  • Thursday, April 14- Fresh Baked Cinnamon Roll or Pancakes
  • Friday, April 15 - Breakfast Burger or Bagel


  • Monday, April 11- Popcorn Chicken Bowl or Corn Dog
  • Tuesday, April 12 - Teriyaki Chicken or Walking Taco
  • Wednesday, April 13- Wild MIke's Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza or Malibu Chicken Sandwich
  • Thursday, April 14- Chicken Parmesan Sandwich or Lasagna Rolls
  • Friday, April 15- Dorito Chicken or Ham and Cheese Protein Pack

Sending Lunch From Home?

Students are welcome to bring lunch from home to eat! This year students can also supplement home lunch with a fruit, veggie, and milk (they must pick three to count as a free lunch) for FREE.

Library Donations


If you are looking to make any donations to our library there are many ways you can donate funds or books to the library.

1: You can bring new or used book donations into the front office of Advantage Arts Academy.

2:You can find our Advantage Arts Academy Library wish list through Amazon at the link below and purchase books directly from Amazon. You can choose from there to have to books shipped directly to the school or ship them to you and bring them into the office.

3: You can follow the link below for the campaign created by a close friend of Mrs. Evans per the request of her family. The money donated to this campaign is used by Miss Loni, our Librarian, to purchase books directly from the Scholastic website and each book purchased through the campaign will have an "A reader Lives A Thousand Lives, Honoring Lisa Evans" campaign plate on the inside cover of each book.

Become Part of Our Advantage Arts Academy Team!!!!

Advantage Arts Academy is still looking for a READING TEACHING ASSISTANT and ESL TEACHING ASSISTANT.


We still have limited seats available for the 2021-2022 school year. Please share with your friends, family members, and neighbors so they have the best chance possible to secure their spot at Advantage Arts!