Lotteries and Handicaps


Thesis statement

Citizens should be able to overpower the government if they don’t agree with the laws by demonstrating the end of the lottery and restrictions on individuality.

"The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson and "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut.

In "Harrison Bergeron" and "The Lottery", both texts show how the government tries to control how the people live. Harrison went against he government because it held him back from his full potential, while "The Lottery", even though people wanted to end it both situations ended up with them being killed.

Quote & Analysis Harrison Bergeron.


"’I am the Emperor!’ cried Harrison. ‘Do you hear? I am the Emperor! Everybody must do what I say at once!’ He stamped his foot and the studio shook” (Vonnegut 3).


Vonnegut shows how Harrison didn’t like the rules so much he broke out of prison and went against every law possible. He was in jail for trying to be himself. He didn’t agree with the laws so he overpowered the government. This is why citizens should be able to overpower the government so they don’t die trying to be themselves.

Quote & Analysis The Lottery


“‘They do say,’ Mr. Adams said to Old Man Warner, who stood next to him, ‘that over in the north village they're talking of giving up the lottery’"(Jackson 4).


The author shows how many other villagers decide to stop the lottery by going against the government. It shows how the lottery isn’t really helping anyone, and most people won’t participate. This supports that citizens should be able to overpower the government.


I think a government where citizens have power would be better because everyone gets the life they want to live. In a president i would want someone who actually wants the best for the country, and isn't just looking out for themselves. I am scared of Donald Trump being a president because I don't think he has sympathy, or would know how to run a country.