Mrs. Flores' 7th Grade English Classes 2015-2016


School Phone Number: 817-698-1547
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Remind 101:

Please sign up to receive class reminders via TEXT MESSAGE.

Text the appropriate code to 207-518-7681.

Red Class: @redscene

Blue Class: @bluescene

Green Class: @greenscene


Students Must Be

Grading & Attendance Policies


Tests/Compositions: 60%

Homework, quizzes, class work: 40%

Semester Grade: Each 6 wks = 2/7 Semester Exam 1/7


  1. Students who are not seated and working when class begins will be marked tardy.
  2. Success in this class depends greatly upon the student being present for instruction. Poor attendance will limit the student’s ability to reach their potential in this class.
  3. Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. When absent, the student should:
  • Look on Mrs. Flores’ Moodle/Netschool page to determine what he/she missed.
  • Check the Back table & outgoing trays to retrieve any handout or assignments not posted on Netschool.
  • Turn in assignments within two days of absence.