Online Safety and Privacy

When you are online make sure that you are

Safely using the website

Making good decisions about what you post online

Acting with responsibility

Researching your sources

Taking control of your social narrative

Internet Safety

Monday, Nov. 30th, 9pm

7 Burnet Street

Maplewood, NJ

Come join us to learn about how to protect yourself from online dangers. Learn everything about how to avoid plagiarism to how to avoid online predators

About Me.

My name is Evyn Degnan and I have been in the education field for a little over a year now. I grew up in the age when computers and technology were integrated more and more into the classroom so I have a good familiarity with tech safety. As students start to use more and more internet in their education it is important to have teachers who have the ability to teach them about the right and wrong ways in which the internet should be used.

Alexander Arntzen

CBS Commercial "Internet Safety" by Alexander Arntzen
Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online