Teach Alabama


“Arming students with skills to succeed in a global economy”

Student learning is our primary focus! We do mostly hands on activites; every now and then book work. Every Wednesday and Friday we start off going to Lab; lab is where we choose what grade we would like to work with and we help as a teacher assistant almost like a student teacher.

Club (FTA)

In our club FTA we do a lot of volunteer work. We mainly work with the 2ND Mile preschool which is a low income preschool. We do actives with the children and work with them hands on. We also found out about a family that was going through a rough time and we got them christmas presents so they would have a christmas. We got them clothes, and toys. It made us feel really good to help a family and make a difference in the community.

Volunteer Work

Guaranteed to Learn how to be a Great Teacher and Work Hands On !!!

Educational Training Career Cluster

Preschool Teacher, Social Worker, Kindergarten Teacher, Guidance Counselor