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"Hogar Immanuel"Mustard Seed Community Residential Orphanage

Mustard Seed Communities - Caring for the Most Vulnerable

“Hogar Immanuel” a Mustard Seed Community residential orphanage and home for children with developmental & physical disabilities, located in the small village of Sabaneta de Cangrejo which is about 1.6 KM from Puerto Plata’s La Union airport.

Currently Hogar Immanuel accommodates 32 children age 5-21 years of age. The children have come to live at Hogar Immanuel in a variety of ways, some of the children lived in other care facilities or hospital settings, some had families who could not care for them within their homes, and some were abandoned. The children have a range of disabilities and medical needs, the majority are children with severe disabilities often dually diagnosed, and most of the children require wheelchairs for mobility and total care for all aspects of daily living. Personal care and basic routines are very time consuming and challenging at Hogar Immanuel which leaves little time for fun, kid stuff!

Every child deserves the opportunity to experience play and develop their own unique optimal potential through play it needs to be essential part of every child’s life and is vital to reflect and stimulate all areas of development for social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. Play is so important that it has been recognized by the United Nations Commission for Human Rights as … A RIGHT OF EVERY CHILD! This birth right is challenged by many factors including limited resources available to many children of the world.

Today's children is tomorrows future. If we could make a difference in one child's life TODAY it could make for a better future-one child at a time.

This organization has done so many amazing things for these very vulnerable children and to show my support for every purchase made through my company i'm giving 100% of my commissions to Hogar Immanuel - Mustard Seed Communities. This fundraising event will remain open until June 29, 2015. Treat yourself to Pure, Safe, Beneficial botanically based products and the profits will go towards the children of Hogar Immanuel.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"

Winston Churchill