Spanish 2

Instructor: Mrs. Stevens


Spanish 2 is the second of 3 courses. Basic conversations with emphasis on proper pronunciation, basic vocabulary and high frequency phrases will be learned. Elementary reading, writing and mechanics are introduced through the text, videos, games, books, etc..


1. Text book / workbook Buen Viaje. I will give you extra credit if you cover your book by the end of the first week.

2. Pen / pencil.

3. Folder.

4. Paper. Looseleaf or spiral, I don't care. You will need a notebook for classroom notes, vocabulary lists, etc..


There will be 1 test and 4-7 quizzes per chapter. There will be 1 project due with each chapter. You will be given points for homework and work done in class. Daily points will be given for use of Spanish in class, participation and behavior.


I am available for help every day after school until 3:30. I can stay later if you need me, just let me know. I have prep second hour and can help you then. I will also be available every other week during advisory. Please ask questions, it benefits everyone!

Grade Scale

93-100 A

85-92 B

77-84 C

70-76 D

69 or lower F