Evergreen Music Notes

What we are learning in February

Kindergarten and 1st Grades

We've added sand-blocks and drums to our rhythm exploration. While singing Engine, Engine, Number 9, students take turns leading the beat and choosing their own tempo. Will we go fast and make our voices sound like chipmunks, or will we go slow and sound like a run-down record? The first grades are using drums this month. It's so exciting to hear them drum together in quarter, half, and whole notes.

2nd Grades

Second graders are looking in-depth in each of the instrument families of the orchestra. We started with strings. James Moat and Willie Braun of Skyros Quartet gave us an excellent demonstration of the violin and cello, and then we made homemade string instruments. This can be duplicated easily at home with a shoebox, different widths of rubberbands, pencils and some scissiors. Visit this site for directions! Next, we will test out some woodwind instruments! Mrs. Hilt will demo her clarinet and soprano saxophone for them next week!

3rd Grade

Third Graders are working really hard at learning the language of music. They can read and understand the major types of notes and rests, staff and clefs. Next up are bar lines, measures, time signature and note names. Then we will start reading/singing some simple melodies.

4th and 5th Grades

Our band is coming along nicely! We were able to add 15 minutes to our class time for setting up/putting away chairs and stands, so we have a full half hour to play. We've had some difficulty remembering practice sheets and instruments on Band Day. Please help your student set an alarm or post a reminder note for Wednesdays so their participation grades won't be affected. Recorder Karate has begun for the 4th graders; they can be tested at lunch time on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday to start earning those tassel belts. 5th Grade Ukulele packets will go home next week: they work toward Menchies gift card rewards.

Robin Hilt, Music Specialist

It's my pleasure to teach your children.