Prescription Medication Opioid

By: Danielle Deo & Lucas cortes

What is an Opioid?

An Opioid is a prescription medication used to reduce pain.

How are Opioid's abused?

Opiod's are abused by using someone else prescription medication, used in another way than prescribed and taking them to get high.

How do Opioid's affect the brain?

Opioid's attack specific proteins in the brain called Opioid's receptors in the brain, spinal cord and organs. They can also block pain messages throughout the body.

What are other affects of Opioid's?

Some affects are sleepiness,confusion,nausea and breathing problems.

Can you get addicted?

Yes, people who abuse prescription drugs are at a greater rick than people who take them prescribed, the medication is addictive.

Can you die from use?

Yes, taking just one large dose could cause breathing problems that lead to death.

How many teens abuse this drug?

About 0.071 teens abuse this drug.

What should you do if someone you know needs help?

You can call a help center over the phone and tell them about the person to learn more about the drug. Also can try and help the person with there addiction and try to make them go to a rehab center.

What classification does your drug belong in?

The classification of Opioid is Prescription Medication.
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