This is Me!

Living With Low Vision

What does that mean?

"A condition of partial or total impairment of sight or vision that even with correction affects educational performance adversely". This just means that I can't see as well as you guys and I need a bit of help to do the same things as you.

My Name is Danny!

I am a grade 4 student who loves going outside and being with my friends. I like stories and taking my dog, Bear for walks.


  • tactile learner! I like to work with things I can touch
  • good listener
  • reading (with the help of a magnifying glass or large print)
  • building models

Classroom Needs & Accommodations

  • Sit close to the board
  • Sit close to a helpful friend (buddy system)
  • Wear glasses to cut down on glare when working
  • Contrasting colours on worksheets to help me differentiate letters and words
  • Textured labels (puffy paint works well!)
  • Make things bigger
  • De-clutter worksheets, tests etc.
  • Keep our classroom clean & organized to help keep me safe and to know where things are

Assistive Technology: Alternative Display

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
    I can quickly magnify any texts and images by putting them under a camera unit to help me participate with my classmates

What I really want you to know...

I love to learn and play. I want to participate in class, play soccer at recess and have sleepovers on the weekend. Even though I have some different needs than some of you here, I am just like you!

What Is Low Vision?

For some additional information & support please visit the link below