Library News

August 2019

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Welcome to a new school year.

A very warm welcome from the library to all our students, their families and of course the staff team at Peak School. We are ready and rearing to go this new school year. There are many great new books waiting for you to come and borrow them as well as the wonderful books we already have in our collection. Now that we are open again , please find the time to come and see us and discover your next adventure!

There's something different in the library...

Junior fiction

With the help of some dedicated volunteer mums, the library team have managed to create a new Junior fiction section. We've selected books that we feel are suited to readers who are just beginning to read chapter books, but not ready to face a shelves of books full of thick books.

We've even sorted the books by genre so you can find the book you want by simply choosing a box pulling it off the shelf and having a look through. There are even helpful stickers on the books so you know which genre they belong in.

In keeping with the spirit of not using plastic we managed to re-purpose the boxes that our copier paper arrives in to make the genre boxes.We hope that this change will make it easier for our junior readers to find and enjoy books in the library and also now our older readers can locate the books they want much easier too.

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Furniture change.

By moving some shelves and chairs around we've managed to create this cosy corner for reading and research. The space is intended to encourage our visitors to sit and read magazines and books with the option to grab some paper to write and draw as they feel led.

Library opening times

We've had a review of how often the children can access the library and have made a few changes. The lunchtime schedule remains the same as last year and can be seen below.

In the mornings however, we have made some significant changes. Children of all year groups can come into the library from 8.15am and have a quiet reading place until school starts at 8.30am.

The first 40 children in the mornings and lunchtime sessions will be expected to stay for the duration of the session, and there will be no moving from the Library until the session has ended. If you choose to be in the library you have to stay here!

We cannot have more than 40 children in the library and have a counter system in place. once we have 40 children in the library the library is full. The library is so loved by the children of Peak School that we find ourselves full very quickly during most sessions, so it really is good to be on time.

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Library volunteers.

Calling on all of those parents who have the time to spare to make the library the best it can be. We are looking for parents to help regularly in the library in the following areas:

1. Sorting shelves and putting books away.

2. Covering new books.

3. Helping grow the Mother Tongue collections.

4. Working on one off projects.

If this is something you think you are interested in please come and join us for a coffee and a chat on Wednesday 18th September 2019 at 8.30am in the Library ILE.

We hope to see you there!