Apply through eChoices today!

The application closes on November 15th.

Have you selected a Magnet Program and completed the eChoices application yet?

Everyone must complete the LAUSD eChoices application in order to attend a magnet program.

You can edit your application until November 15th.

If you've already completed the application but you want to change your preferences, you can log back in and update your choices until November 15th.

Parents frequently ask: Does my child have a better chance of getting in to a school if they only select one Magnet Program?

No. All schools have limited capacity. Students are selected based on their Priority Points. You do not increase your chance of getting in by only applying to one Magnet Program. If you don't get in, you'll be on the waiting list, but there's still no guarantee that you'll be selected. This is even more true when you apply to a school that tends to get a lot of applications. If you are interested in attending more than one school, you should apply to more than one school.

Do you have more questions?

I'm happy to help you navigate the eChoices application. Please send me a text or email if you have any questions.