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Fast Facts

Continent- Europe

Capital- Paris

Population- 66,553,766

Area- 248,573

Main Languages- French

Main Religion- Roman Catholic

Distance from Capital to Washington D.C.- 3845.46 miles


They celebrate new years day on the first of January. Some people celebrate Christmas, and they celebrate Christmas when we celebrate Christmas.They also celebrate Labor day on May 1st.They celebrate this weird thing that is called the Bastille Day, that is weir to us because we don't celebrate bastille day like how they do. Bastille day is celebrated on the 14th of July.


Some people do a hand shake, light grip, a single quick shake.Men kiss males on the cheek relative to them or close friends.Women's get kissed by close friends or any male. There greeting might seem weird to us but that's hoe it is to them. Our greeting may seem weird to them because they are in a different country and they have never been in The United States Of America.


Most people live in Urban areas.Many people are homeless. They have Cheep houses so many people can't afford one. Many people rely on the government to afford a big house. They don't buy the houses because if they rely on the government it gives them one for free and they give them big houses.


Some people eat their main meal until the evening.The diner over in France is not before 8 p.m. One rule that they there is that if you are eating both of your hand have to be at the table at all time until you are done eating. If you don't respect the rules you don't eat until they see that you actually got it right. Even if you just moved to France so they are some what rude.

Things I would like to see and do in France!!

I would like to see them do the greeting in real person and I would like to do their greeting to!!!! I would also like to see if they actually follow the rules on eating. The rule I would like to see is the one were they have to keep both hand on the table and they have to have there hands there until they are done eating. I would like to try to do that rule too!!
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