Tenth Grade Tweets

Weekly newsletter from Ms. Miller and her students

What happened this week?

Welcome to a brand new school year!

I am super excited to see so many new faces, and to have some of you AGAIN!

( If last year was a flop for you, let's turn over a new leaf, shall we?)

Normally our class newsletter will be sent out every Friday, but because this news is time sensitive, I am sending it out a day early. Normally, our newsletter will be directed towards you, parents, so your children and I can tell you what is happening. This issue will be for everyone-as we are just getting started!

  1. BE HERE, PLEASE. This is not the ninth grade. You have moved from "baby status," and we have a lot of learning to accomplish. I promise we will have a wonderful time, but your attendance is VERY important.
  2. READ YOUR SYLLABUS. Really, go do it now. Read it again if you've only read it once! Have a syllabus party and read it together! However you get it done- Read it! We grade differently in 10th grade English, and I want you to be prepared.
  3. BRING YOUR SUPPLIES. If you were in my class last year, you know that I am a huge believer in all of you having your own supplies. Mine are taken and never returned. If you do not have your supplies, "ask three then me."
  4. BE PREPARED. I mean this in a different way than bringing your supplies and your bodies to my class. Your mind needs to accompany you to class. We have an EOC at the end of the semester, and I expect all of you to pass. I KNOW you can! This being said, 10th grade will be much more challenging. If you try, you will not fail. Promise!

Contact Info:

There are plenty of ways for you and your children to keep in touch with me during the year. Please feel free to use any of these outlets to stay in the know, ask questions, and send me ideas that may help your child perform their best!