HSE21 Updates.....

.....with Susan Drumm & Kelly Moore

It's Hour of Code Week!

How does the National Christmas Tree Display use Coding?

Visit http://code.org/learn to learn more about participating in this World-Wide Learning Event!

Although this is the official Computer and Science in Education Week, HSE teachers across the district have already been encouraging students to participate in Hour of Code Activities!

President Obama Kicks Off Hour of Code Week With This Message.....

President Obama kicks off the Hour of Code 2014

Let us know how your students are participating!

  • Tweet it out with @hse_21 - we'll retweet!

  • Send photos/descriptions to us - we'll help promote!

Blackboard Tip of the Week....

.....there's an APP for that!

Did you know there is a Blackboard Grader App for teachers?

Yes, you have access to it! Yes, it is free!

Learn More!

Kelly's Coaching Schedule This Week....

Monday SCI 8:00 - 3:15

Tuesday FCI 8:00 - 12:00

Thursday RSI 12:30 - 4:00