chapter 10

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chapter 10.1 parallelogram and trapazoid

formula for parallelogram: A= b h

formula for trapazoid: A=a+b/2*h a is the top and b is the bottom h is the height

chapter 10.2 area of a circle

the formula: a= l-lr2

pie= 3.14 time radius squared

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10.3 three dimensional figure

10.4 surface areas of prism and cylinders


formula : 2B + Ph

b = 1/2 time the heigh times the base

cylinders 2

s=2B + Ch=2pier + 2pierh

10.5 surface areas of pyramids and cones

s= b + 0.5*pl

S=3.14*r squared + 3.14*r*l

10.6 volume of prisms and cylinders


v= volume

B= base

h= height

10.7 volume of pyrimids and cones

volume of a pyrimid: v=1/3Bh 2

volume of a cone : 1/3Bh=1/3*3.14*r h

10.8 volume of a sphere

1 3

volume :V=4/3*3.14*r cubed
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stuff to remember


surface area is always squared

volume is always cubed


a sphere surface area is the same as its volume
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