Come Visit Fingals Cave

Summer 2016

Welcome To Fingals Cave

Fingals cave is a small cave located on a small island in Staffa,Scotland. It was discovered on August 1772 by Sir Joseph Banks
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Five Facts About Fingals Cave

. Fingals cave was named after a heroic character "Fingal" in a poem

. Fingals cave is also called As Uaimh Binn and it means melodic cave in Irish

. Sounds of waves echo In the cave making creepy noises

. The cave has a arch shaped roof and gaping entrance

. The cave is filled with water and large slippery rocks

Inside Fingal's Cave on Staffa Sep 2011
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When you come to fingals cave you can see puffins diving into water and getting a mouth full of fish.

You can also take a tour around the cave on a ferry

You can see a group of Dolphins and take pictures