Ancient Egyptian Government

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Pharaohs and Other Great Rulers

The very first Egyptian Pharaoh was . Pharaohs are said to be the sons of the Sun God Re. A well-known pharaoh was King Tut.( ) He was the 12th Egyptian pharaoh. The first women ruler was Queen Hatshepsut. She was known to have strengthened the armies and increase more trades with other countries.

"Ramses the Great"

One of the things Ramses II is known for is signing a peace treaty with the enemies while at war. The battle of Kadesh was against Syria. Ramses decided it was a battle that has gone too far. He was mature and got the other side to sign a piece treaty to end the war. He was the first pharaoh how has done that. He is also known for leading the people of Egypt to war and winning.

Some of our Rulers

How long did these people rule?

King Tut ruled for 10 years.

Ramese the great ruled for 66 years.

Queen Hatshepsut ruled for 15 years.