Cancer Facility Blueprints

Courtney Hopkins and Raymond Gallagher

Cancer Facility

Journey Through Cancer

In the making of this project, I had an invested interest in the disease cancer. Originally, this was a HOSA project where the class was asked to create their own facilities to which we hope to have and/or run n the future. Due to my interest in cancer, I decided to create a facility strictly for cancer patients. In this facility on the sub-level, one will find the morgue, maintenance, storage, administrative offices, laundry and house keeping. All of these are found in the basement because of the use of machinery, old files that aren't in use, and supplies. Moving to the ground level, one will find areas such as radiology, labs, human resources and cafeterias. These particular areas were put on the ground level, because it is easy access to all patients. On the second level, one will begin to find areas such as infusion clinic, beds, and social work. All of these related areas are found upstairs because it is quiet and out of the way.


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Ground Level

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Second Level

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