Muhammad Ali

strong, brave, and fast, by Madison

Interesting fact about Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is a famous boxer and hey is also could "The Greatest". He has not boxed since 1981. Muhammad Ali got his name after his church latter and when he lost. The winner called him an"ugly old bear".

information about growing up and his family

Muhammad Ali was born on January 17,in Louisville, Kentucky, 1949 and his born name was Cassius Clay Jr. He goes to church on Sundays and sometimes cries himself to sleep because he can't see his parents for a long time. Cassius lives on a farm and his bicycle got stolen on October,1954. Cassius has a younger brother named Rudy and his father liked to talk and tell jokes. Cassius father was a boxer also and his parents names were Odessa and Cassius Clay Sr. Cassius's wife's name is Lonnie and they had nine children.


Cassius won the gold medal at the summer olympics and he also fought through brain damage from boxing. He was the final carrier of the torch at the summer olympics.

this is why Cassius is important

Cassius is a important African American boxer. He is still alive and wherever he goes someone knows him.


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By Madison and Hope