Print Making Project

Freshman year, Molly Brooker

Movie on 5 17 13 at 10 19 AM

First Step

First we had to pick a picture to use, it could be of ourselves or with another person. We had to choose a picture that was focussed on our faces. Once we had chosen our picture we then practiced outlining it, to see if it was a good choice and if we needed to change it or not, we then continued to outline the picture on to the tracing paper.

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Step 2

After we had outlined our picture, we then moved on to outline the sketch with a black marker, we had to have bold black lines to make sure they were visible and easy to use when it came to the carving of the lenoleum block. This step was an essential base to the later steps.

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Step 3

After had completed the outline on the drawing paper, we could then start to carve. We had to pick which parts we wanted to carve whether it was the lighter parts or the darker parts, and making sure to be very careful not to carve into the black lines.

A tip was to use a smaller blade to outline around the black marker, then use a much wider blade to carve out the area in the middle.

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We would then use a roller to put the ink on to our blocks, making sure you make it really thick so its visible and bold like a stamp. What we would do was roll on the ink, place the paper, or magazine on top, smooth it out, pull the paper off and you're done. :)