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Brunei is a place where fossil fuels are a major exported resource and people there and the government are rich. Brunei has a great beautiful landscape. Fat green Coconuts hanging from the tree, fresh flawless coconut meat and milk awaits you- a breath-taking experience

"Land where money grows on trees"

Geography/climate of your country

In Brunei the temperature is always perfect for the beach. It is tropical most of the time and heavy rainfall pouring down on Brunei to wash the place clean. The highest temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest is usually 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

People & culture

There a lot of malays in brunei but there are other people too like indian and chinese. there is no taxes for education or healthcare. The country is rich, pretty peaceful. It is a Muslim country and it has some Muslim laws.

Brunei has a mixed culture from Southeast Asia and East asia

Government & citizenship

The requirements to get Brunei citizenship has passing tests in Malay culture, customs, and language.
The Sultan is the leader of the country. The Sultans's son the Crown Prince serves as the Senior Minister.
The Government of Brunei gives public support by providing economic help such as food, fuel, and housing free education and medical care.


Brunei’s economy has grown in the mid-2000s, because of high oil and gas prices.
Brunei is the fourth-largest oil producer in southeast Asia about 219,000 barrels a day in 2006.