Renewable And Non-Renewable energy



Biomass is a organic and they are found in crops some examples are animal manure and wood. It is formed by photosynthesis. Its used as fuel/energy. some cool facts are the only way to realease the energy is to burn it. 5% of biomass is from the USA. A innovative way to use biomass could be floating corn fields in bodies of water.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy

It is found when a atom splits. its formed from gas undergoing fusion and giving off vast amounts of energy. it is used for making and using energy. some cool facts are are nuclear energy can be released in nuclear fusion and nuclear fuel is considered to be a nonrenewable resource. a innovative thing to do is have them in space closer to the sun.

nuclear and biomass energy

How Nuclear Power Plants Work / Nuclear Energy (Animation)

nuclear power plants

how a nuclear power plant works.

biomass energy

Its about biomass energy
Renewable Energy 101: Biomass Electricity