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Featured Teachers: Maus 6th Grade Science & ILA

The Maus 6th graders have been able to show their creativity through technology quite a bit lately. Both the Science and ILA departments have done projects that involved the greatness of iMovie. This app on the iPads allows for great student centered learning. It is really easy to use and has built in help tutorials as well. In both core subject areas, the students, after researching, created wonderful videos that they were able to do completely using the iPads.

Featured Site: Pixlr

Pixlr is a great photo editing site. It is simple and FREE. Pixlr combines image design and paint tools with photo editing and adjustment features. It has tons of little tools that can change the look of images. I could see students using this to edit images for projects that they might incorporate with presentations in Google Slides, Prezi, etc... There is an app so it could be used on an iPad, but for the best functionality I would use it on a desktop or laptop.

Tips and Hints: iPad stuff and more

  • 19 Tips and Tricks with iPads. Oh yeah, the secret word is iPad.
  • You can turn off the gridlines on a Google Spreadsheet. This could allow for more creativity when using this feature. See the images below.

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