Green beans

Seeds And Pods

What are they?

  • Green beans are immature bean pods, and are frequently enjoyed around the world.
  • These brilliant green beans are found in long, narrow pods containing kidney shaped seeds.
  • Not only do beans taste great, but they offer a wide range of vitamins and minerals, filling important nutritional needs in any diet.

When are they available?

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Something to put on the shopping list

Did you know there are over 130 types of beans?
Green beans can be cooked and served in a large number of ways after removing both ends. Beans can be eaten





baked or

stir fried and can also be bought canned, frozen or fresh.


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Where can we find them in Australia?

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Where did they come from?

Beans can be grown on short, round bushes or larger climbing plants and prefer warmer habitats as frost will destroy the pods.

Beans are an ancient vegetable and have been known to date back to as far as 5000-6000 BC!

Common beans specifically grew wild in Central and South America and were first harvested there before being taken and shipped across the globe by various travelers.

Something to make mum happy

The health benefits of this little vegetable is endless, providing a rich source of

  • dietary fiber,
  • vitamin A, B and C,
  • Zea-xanthin,
  • folates,
  • iron,
  • calcium and many, many more.
These words may seem complicated and meaningless but these will help your body to be the best it can.,