Football players should be allowed

by Allen Deleon


Football players getting fined and penalized for celebrating. No this cant be, this has to be a nightmare. Are people really going through with this cause I cant. Can you stand up with this? Do you like football? I do but, we cant enjoy it if people get fined and penalized just for celebrating. I think football players should be allowed to celebrate because people get fined too much money, it's funny and, it's a good way too make your team proud. So what are you waiting for get reading and tell me you agree with me. Get jumping into my first reason.

Money for celebrating!

One reason i think that football players should be allowed to celebrate is that players are getting fined a lot of money. For example Odell Beckham got fined almost $30000 for a pretending to take a photo of a teammate after a touchdown, on September 26, 2010, buffalo bills wide receiver Steve Johnson intimated to be a minuteman firing a musket and then falling backwards pretending to be shot( fined $10000), Steve Johnson pretended to be Batman and Robin. He was fined $5000. These prices are insane! Is this how people are getting torched for celebrating.


Some people might think that celebrations can be rude but, I find them funny. Another reason I think celebrations allowed because it's funny. For example after scoring a 26-yard touchdown Antonio Brown amused position and began twerking." Nothing like a boss." told brown to ESPN "Isn't that hilarious Antonio Brown did the twerking man challenge and responded nothing like a boss, Doug Baldwin did the "poop-down", on October 21, 2012 Mike Tolbert and Steve Jonson did the Gandam Style. " OK the song was pretty old but still funny."

Team proud of me!

Although i think that celebrations should be allowed because players are fined and because it's funny. i especially think that celebrations should be allowed because it's a good way to make your team proud. For example these are signs your team will be proud they will be cheering, hooting, and jumping on you.


So those are my reasons I think celebrations should be allowed but, there are many more. So please think that celebrations should be allowed help out these players. You cant let these players get torched like this so please agree