Exploring Europe Countries

By: Guadalupe Camacho

United Kingdom

one of the largest islands in Europe , Located off the northwestern coastline of Europe.

  • Government type: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Leader: David Cameron MP, Prime Minister
  • Unlimited Government
  • Part of the European Union
  • Current gov. event: New director of Immigration Enforcement
  • Historical political Event: Margaret Thatcher becomes the first woman Prime Minister in 1979
  • Person who changed history: Sir Winston Churchill was a statesman, writer, orator, and leader who led Great Britain to win WW2

One historical monument s it the Great Fire of London Monument

Economy, Human Interactions

  • Population: 63,887,988
  • % of arable land: 70.9%
  • Agriculture: cereal, oilseed, potatoes, vegetable ; sheep, cattle and, fish
  • HEI: forest cutting in order to build houses and other buildings, also sheep and cattle farming
  • GDP: $2.441 trillion
  • GDP per capita: $37,800
  • Currency: British Pounds
  • I British Pound = $1.65 in US Dollars

  • Famous brands in the UK

  1. virgin, BP oil, Reebok, Kit Kat, Aquafresh, Lipton, Skittles
  • Language: English
  • Religion: 71.6% is Christian and 2.7% is Muslim
  • Music and Literature: associated with the British Literature, by far the largest part of British Literature has been written in the English language

Cultural foods


  • Gov. type: Presidential Republic
  • Leader and tittle: Francois Hollande, President
  • unlimited gov.
  • European Union Member
  • Current gov. event: Hollande's shift on tax policy
  • historical event: Napoleon crowns himself emperor of the first French Empire in 1880-1814
  • Person who changed history: Louis Bleroit a French airman who became the first person to fly the English Channel on July 25th 1909 flew from Calais to Denver

Historical monument, The Eiffel Tower

Economy and Human Interaction

  • Population: 65.8 million people
  • % of arable land: 33.5%
  • Agriculture: Cattle, sheep, and goats and a lot of cheese and milk
  • HEI: water pollution due to urban wast and trash from the city
  • GDP: $ 2,612.92
  • GDP per capita: $34,239.89
  • Currency: Euro
  • 1 Euro= $1.36 in US Dollars
  • Major economic activities: Investment in domestic and monetary environment

  • Famous brands in France:
  1. Lois Vuitton, AXA, Dior, Presidente, L'Oreal, Chanel
  • Language: French
  • Religion: 80% is Roman Catholic
  • Music and literature: folk, classic, French hip-hop, French rock


located of the northwestern coastline and directly west of the UK.


  • Gov. Type: Parliament Democracy
  • Leader and tittle: Micheal D. Higgins, President
  • Limited Government
  • European Union Member
  • Current gov. event: Pre-taxt profit rose by 37%
  • Historical event: New law that forbid Catholics from voting, owning land or to practice their religion from 1692-1829
  • Person who changed history: John Philips Holland designed the first commercial submarine in the late 1800s

St. Patrick's Grave

Economy and Human Interaction

  • Population: 4.589 Million
  • % or arable land: 15.42%
  • Agriculture: 35% manufacture of food, 1% fishing, 55% agriculture
  • HEI: They have built huge castles and running environment for animals and farmland, in order to build all of this they have cut down many trees
  • GDP:$208 billion
  • GDP per capita: $40,700
  • Currency: Euro
  • 1 Euro= $1.36 in US Dollars
  • Major economic activities: Oil/gas, peat, water
  • Famous brands: Coca- Cola, Avenmore, Brennan's
  • Language: English, Irish
  • Religion: 87.4% Roman Catholic
  • Music and literature: composed writing of the Irish, Latin, Ulster Scots, and English language