Latin America project by: Aleya Williamson


The capital of Chile is Santiago. The four major cities in Chile are Santiago,Valoparalso,Conceprion,Antoofagasta.


Chile was controlled by Spain and gained their independence on September 18,1810. After they gained their independence no one else tryed to control Chile. The official language of Chile is Chilean.

Description of the flag

Blue in the corner with a white star,white on one half (top half) and red on the other half (bottom half).

Geographical information

My country is in South America. In the state of Chile there were the Andes mountains,Atacama desert,and volcanoes.

Political information

Chile has a republic government. The president of chile is Michelle Bachelet.

Economic information

Chiles currency is called Chilean Peso. Chile is a capitalism state.

Tourists information

A lot of people go to Chile to visit their beautiful and diverse landscapes. Tourists so go to Chile to see their breathtaking scenerys and they should go to the beautiful beaches.

Interesting facts

Chile is the longest north-south trending country in the world.

Chiles national sport is rodeo.

Football in Chiles language means soccer.