Sparks Family News

August 31st, 2022 Volume 2 Issue 3

Message from Leadership Team

ROUTINES and schedules give kids a sense of security and help them develop self-discipline. A predictable routine allows children to feel safe, and to develop a sense of mastery in handling their lives. It is important that our students have routines at school, as well as at home. This may include brushing their teeth, getting rest at night, and being on time to school every day to eat breakfast and transition smoothly from home to school.


  • Routines eliminates power struggles. The parent stops being the bad guy.
  • Routines help kids cooperate by reducing stress and anxiety for everyone. It provides predictability and preparing for transitions or changes in schedule.
  • Routines help kids learn to take charge of their own activities. Kids love being in charge of themselves. This feeling increases their sense of mastery and competence. Kids who feel more independent and in charge of themselves have less need to rebel and be oppositional.
  • Routines promote the concept of "looking forward" to things they enjoy, which is an important part of making a happy accommodation with the demands of a schedule. (We do math before we have recess)
  • Routines that are regular, help kids get on a schedule, so that they fall asleep more easily at night.
  • Routines help parents build in those precious connection moments. Schedules help parents maintain consistency in expectations.

With a ROUTINE, parents are more likely to stick to healthy expectations for everyone in the family. The result: a family with healthy habits, where everything runs more smoothly!

Front Office Information

Early Pick Up

Daily instruction ends at 2:55PM daily. To avoid end of day interruptions, students will not be released after 2:15PM. Visitors will not be allowed in the building after 2:15PM unless a previous appointment has been made. Valid state I.D. is required to pick-up students from the main office. Individuals picking up students must also be listed as an authorized pick-up person.

Birthday Celebrations

To minimize instruction disruptions, families must follow the birthday guidelines:

  • Birthday celebrations will ONLY take place on Fridays from 2:40PM-2:55PM.
  • Birthday treats must be store bought. Food made at home will NOT be distributed within school.
  • Families are encouraged to bring individual servings such as cupcakes or cookies; whole cakes or cookie cakes are NOT allowed. (Only store bought cupcakes or cakes. Ex: HEB, KROGERS, WALMART, ETC.)
  • Families are allowed to bring goodie bags with items that are non edible. Non edible examples include bubbles, playdough, yo-yo etc.
  • Birthday treats must be dropped off at the front office on Friday’s prior to 12:00PM. The campus Front Office will deliver birthday treats to classrooms by 2:30 pm, which is the time the classroom teacher and classmates will celebrate the child’s birthday.


It is imperative that all students PreK-Third grade are present everyday. If your student is going to be absent, please call the Front Office at 713-924-0486.

Dress Code Policy

Clothing should meet the following criteria:
  • T-shirts are acceptable; however, all clothing and accessories must be school appropriate: YES Prep prohibits pictures, emblems, or writings on T-shirts that are lewd, offensive, vulgar or obscene or that advertise or depict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance, show gang affiliation, or depict violence in any way.
  • No tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, net or sheer tops, shirts with spaghetti straps, or strapless tops for any student.
  • No bare midriffs (half shirts) allowed for any student.
  • No open-toed shoes.
  • All pants, shorts, and skirts must meet the criteria established in the “Bottoms” for pants/shorts/skirts.

Bottoms Expectations

  • Students may wear pants, skirts, or shorts of the following:
  • Khakis (any color)
  • Jeans (any color)
  • Joggers (any color, must be jean or khaki material- may not be sweat pant material

Students may not wear:
  • Leggings, jeggings, athletic or mesh shorts, workout bottoms, or pajama pants.
  • Pants made of sweat pant material
  • Pants with holes (no holes are allowed above or below the knee)
  • Shorts and skirts no shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Bottoms below the waist.

Shoes Expectations

For safety purposes, all shoes must meet the following criteria:


Must have backs (i.e., no slides, no croc sandals)

Must have hard soles (i.e., no slippers or crocs)

**Please make sure to send an extra set of clothes for your student, just in case he/she has an accident where they will require a change of clothes.**

Morning Arrival Drop-Off

Drop-off is ONLY at the front of the school and designated cones. You MAY NOT go straight down the side of the building once entering the parking lot, and you may not drop off at the side of the building, or the back of the school. There is no adult supervision in any of these areas, and it is very dangerous.

Entering in the side of the school interrupts the flow of the buses and is prohibited. There is a sign that states, DO NOT ENTER.

Once in the front drive of the school, pull up to the next numbered cone or person located on the sidewalk. Parents should be ready to let children out of the car as soon as you stop. Use of your cell phone is prohibited. Please help keep all students safe and do not use your phone in the drop-off line.

Students should be ready to exit the car. They should have their backpacks, lunches, etc., and exit quickly out of the driver side of the vehicle. Students should not get out of the car on the right side and walk around the car. This is very dangerous.

Assigned staff members direct students walking path and may assist the younger students to the entrance, as needed.

As soon as your child is safely out of the car, pull forward and exit the line to your right.

Follow the traffic flow pattern by keeping straight pass the trash dumpster on your right and through the gates, unless authorized to turn left for a secondary sibling. You will circle the back of the stand-alone building (Home Office) and exit the front gates.

*Parents will only be able to turn left for a secondary sibling if you have visible YELLOW TAG and once we are done with bus drop-off*

**After 7:20AM all parents must PARK and Walk their student into the building as staff are no longer on arrival duty. **

Dismissal Car Rider Pick-up

Car rider pick-up is only at the front of the school. Parents must stay in their car and in line. Parents may not park in the lot and walk across to get their child unless approved by the administration. This can delay loading and picking up other students and is not safe.

Parents MUST have the designated car tag visible at ALL TIMES. Keep the sign out and visible until you have picked up your child. This helps the adults load the correct child in the car. Cars without the car tag will have to park and go into the front office to be cleared before taking their child. ** Parents must wait until the dismissal process is complete **

We utilize a number system for afternoon pick-up. Your student(s) are assigned a number, which is on your card. Numbers are called/queued based on pick-up line order. Siblings should all have the same number. Please help your child memorize their car rider number. **Skipping the line disrupts the traffic flow and May result in a delay in picking up your student**

***Parents that get here after 3:25pm should NOT drive around the secondary cars until someone in a vest has directed them to go around.***

Your child will be waiting at/ walking to a numbered cone or by a staff member. Make sure you pull up so that your driver car door is next to the cone.

Students should get in quickly and be seated. Please teach your child to quickly secure the seatbelt so you can pull forward/exit right and keep the line moving. If your child needs assistance with their seatbelt, please pull forward past the front of the line, pull over to the side, and buckle them there, so we may continue loading students. Please also refrain from engaging in extended conversations with staff on duty as their priority is student safety.

Students should be able to get in on the side by the sidewalk. We do not allow students to cross over traffic to get in on the opposite side.

Once your child is in the car, you may pull into the right side of the drive and bypass other cars that are still loading, and safely exit the pick-up area. Only vehicles with a YELLOW TAG are allowed to turn left for a secondary sibling ONCE ALL BUSES HAVE LEFT. All vehicles must keep straight to circle the stand-alone building (Home Office)