Latin America Country Project

Venezuela History

Venezuela was controlled by Spain and it gained its independence on July 5th, 1811. It is no longer controlled by another country.

Location and Major Cities

Venezuela is located in the north of South America. Columbia borders it on its west, Guyana to the east, and Brazil in the south. The Capital City is Caracas, and four other major cities are Maracaibo with a population of 2.31 million, Valencia with 1.86 million, Barquisimeto with 1.245 million, and Maracay with 1.115 million.

The Venezuelan Flag

The Venezuelan flag has three horizontal stripes, yellow, blue, and red. In the center of the blue stripe there is a semi circle of eight white stars. The three colors represent the three main colors of the banner of Gran Columbia, the South American Republic that broke up in 1830. The yellow stripe stands for the riches of the land, blue for the courage of its people, and red for the blood shed in attaining independence. The white stars represent the 7 provinces in Venezuela that united in the war for independence. An 8th white star was added in 2006 to honor Simon Bolivar for proclaiming the flag in 1827, and to represent the province of Guayana.

What is Venezuela's official language?

Venezuela's official language is Spanish, much like most of the other countries in South America.

Physical Features

Venezuela has many beautiful landforms, such as lakes, mountains, rivers and others. Orinoco is the largest lake in Venezuela and South America. Some other physical features are Lake Maracaibo Basin and the Guina Highlands.

Political: Government and Leader

Venezuela has a Federal (presidential) Republic governed by a Constitution. Their leader is President Nicolás Maduro.

Economic: Currency and Economic system

The Venezuelan currency is called Venezuelan bolivar. Their Economic system is mixed, capitalism.


People should visit Venezuela because it has many beautiful waterfalls and tourist attractions including beaches, rainforests, deserts, caves, national parks, mountains, waterfalls and other beautiful sights. Tourists should visit Salto Ángel (Angel Falls), eat at the city's best pizzeria- Evio's, located in the capital city. Learn about Venezuela and see beautiful art work at Galeria de Arte Nacional. learn how to surf waves at Gran Roque.