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Should students be able to listen to music during school?

Some people may find that listening to music distracts them from concentrating but for some people it helps them with focusing, memorizing, and keeping on task. Many people say that music takes stress off their mind by focusing on something else, such as work. Music has been shown to help kids with ADD/ADHD to concentrate better on the work that is in front of them and keeping their minds off distractions.

85% say yes only 15% say no

Because they should be adle to listen to music because some people may say that music can calm the mind just as an example if you are stressed just put on your headphones and start listening to music without disturbing anyone and the music should be school appropriate
No one should exclude music, if you don't like music in class, then just don't listen to the music, if it is in a speaker (which happens rarely) then you should just zone it out or deal with it, the only time music is bad is when someone takes it too far and starts dancing around the class room, and that NEVER happens. Music is just another form of art, ok? If you don't like listening to it in class, then just go and stop taking that class.
Music helps concentrate in class. I think music will help students concentrate in class and it helps me learn better and do my homework better, so why not listen to music? It will help a lot. I think they should make a rule to let students listen to music in class.