Spinning wildly the golden compass past down from many generations was held weakly in jacks stubburn hand as he slowly trudged onto the moist layer of forest leaves.His weary body was sinking into the ground, trying to conserve every last bit of his precious energy.


Jack saw on the side of his eye a dark, mysterious cave looming at him as he approached it, shivers were running down his spine as he smelt the stench of dead animal bones rising fron the webbed dark cave. The walls of the cave looked like a crinkled face of a witch.

As jack stepped onto the rough,slippery floor of the dense cave he heard a soft eco of his name repetivly calling out. Going towards the forked road Jack saw a strange light.He realised it glowed and ebbed and seemed to fill to much space to be a regular light source. The mirage beckonedhim as he followed it. Every step, Every breathe , Every blink caused danger to creep closer as he was lost.

As he was lost. As he followed the light he saw stars sparkling in the distance of a humid enternce to another room in the cave. Creeeping to the unknown territory where he had the illusion of stars, they were not stars but were crystals shining creating a disco atmosphere. With mixed feelings Jack shaded his eyes from the overpowering rays that temporly blinded him.

Opening his eyes Jack saw a large shadow cast on the wall which was covered in dredlocks of poison ivy. Jack searched the owner of the shadow when he saw hairy, stinky, tree-like feet. His eyes followed the feet towards the towering body of fungous betruded monster. He found his feet unsteady when the monster grabbed him and threw him into a sizzling, hot water pot. Jack saw his life flashing by his eyes in seconds. Feeling guilty of wasting his life the hot water devorced him as schoring tears burnt his face.