Hailey Smith

Choices are hard especially between love and war. (Theme)

Clara Gardner a normal teenage girl well at least she thought. Turns out Clara, her mom, and her brother Jefferey are all part angel known as angel bloods, and with these titles comes some supernatural abilities On top of this after moving to new town brings a new school, friends, and some special someones. Clara meets he boy of her dreams literally shes been having strange dreams about a boy in fire forest ( which is also what ties into the whole supernatural abilities out he goes to her new school. Soon she makes a new friend Wendy and acquires another supernatural ability. Turns out Wendy's brother, Tucker has a pretty charming attitude well at least Clara thinks so. Now Clara has two problems she doesn't know who should choose Christian the dream boy and the bad boy Tucker also the angel world brings argument to the table. What will happen with the romance? The Angel? Find out in Unearthly.

Clara Gardner

Clara Gardner is 17 years old with brown hair and hazel eyes about 5'5 and of'course shes half angel blood

Jefferey Gardner

Jefferey is about 15 years old sisters with Clara Gardner. He has brown hair and brown hair he is about 5'7 and what do you know hes an half angel blood just like his sister.

Teton County, Wyoming (Setting)

Filled with huge beautiful mountains and snow in many places perfect for skiing which is what some people like Clara do or at least attempt to do.

Conflict Resolution

Clara goes through tough times trying to decide who to be with. Tucker the edgy country boy who blows her away, or Christian the boy in her dreams that shes her to protect. When she finally makes a decision it flips her whole world upside down. Then on top of all of this lovely-dovey romance she is at war with certain angel bloods. These angel bloods make everything harder to do protect, love, and live life ,but shes not alone her mother and brother are going through the same thing being half angel blood and all.

Cynthia Hand (Author)

Cynthia Hand the author of the "Unearthly" book series. In this book series there the following books "Unearthly, Hallowed, and Boundless." The genre of this book series is urban-fantasy and young adult novel.

UNEARTHLY by Cynthia Hand