by: Marissa Rueda


IN 1901, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company was started, by a 21-year-old man named William Harley and a 20-year-old man named Arthur Davidson, in Milwaukee, WI. They spent much of their time tinkering with motorcycles in the Davidson's shed. Using small parts of other motorcycles, and Arthur's brother's mechanic skills, they started to build a motorcycle that was finished in 1903. The men loved motorcycles for a very long time, so this was just a way of making a stunning career out of it.


When the Harley-Davidson company first started, it was really just a small family business containing about five people. This continued to be a family business, but, 1907, when they hired their first employ, The third Davidson brother, William. This decision made them an officially incorporated (to officially register with the government as a company). They moved into an official building and created more than 1,100 motorcycles. Now Harley-Davidson has more then 5,900 employees. With locations throughout the country, thousands of bikes get sold each year, they even have a museum in headquarters, which happens to be right here, in Milwaukee. Now it is easier to buy a a good quality bike, unlike 1901.


Mr. Harley's and Mr. Davidson's reason to start the Harley-Davidson company was to do what they loved, building motorcycles. Now, society uses motorcycles to show rebellion and freedom. The Harley-Davidson Motor Company donates money to the Hunger Task Force. They also donate money to families in need. Life without The Harley-Davidson company could be pretty rough. People could show their rebellion in a way that is harmful to themselves and others. This behavior could make the world even more dangerous.


The motorcycles they built is valued all over the world for it's ''sweet look'', smooth ride and for giving people the feeling of power or control. They sold 267,999 mew motorcycles world-wide in 2014. At this rate this are doing pretty well.

Influential people

we can thank William s. Harley and Arthur Davidson for starting this World-wide phenomenon and for being influential people, teaching kids and adults that with creative minds, and motivation you can achieve your dream. Their business is what it is today because they made something out of nothing. They worked for it and finally their dreams came true. Now we now most motorcycles as Harley's.
2016 #HarleyDavidson '#LiveYourLegend' TV commercial