My Mandala

By: Kela Hence


My name is Kela. I am from west Dallas. My family consists of 11 people.I like to eat , dance & make people smile. I dont like being lied to. The message i am trying too proclaim is that i love dancing and feeling the rhythm.

Symbol 1

My first symbol is a burger. This symbol is representing my love for food and how i much adore it. It is important to me because if i didn't have food i would not be very strong & would not be healthy. I used the burger symbol because my mother cooks burgers very well and it was the first thing I learned how to cook.

Some of my symbols

Symbol 5

My fifth symbol is a cross. This is representing my love for Jesus himself. I love him because i believe he did a good thing for the people in this generation. It is important to me because i believe we wouldnt be here without him.