Shepard Staff Updates

February 8, 2019

To Do and Thank You

February always seems like the longest month of the year to me, BUT Spring Break is only 4 weeks away, so keep up the great work!

To Do (New):

1. Please sit/stand with your grade level during FMA - it will help with crowd control.

To Do (Rolled over from last week):

1. Make sure to update data in Edugence for any Tier 2 and Tier 3 students.

Thank You:

1. Thanks to all the awesome people who helped with carpool duty in the freezing cold weather! My hands are still tingling from the cold!

2. Thanks to the kinder team for trying new strategies to help our students be successful!

3. Shout out to Erin for being a fabulous counselor and coworker!

4. Great job Diane keeping up with attendance! We are working on setting up meetings with parents for students with excessive absences - more news coming soon!

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Upcoming Dates

Week of February 11:

February 11-13: Kristin out

February 13: Kate out at ILead Meeting (AM only)

TELPAS Holistic Training - Wednesday, February 13

8:05-8:45 - 5th grade

February 14: Data Dig (C)

February 15: None

Week of February 18:

February 18: PDH day

February 19:

February 20: STAAR Mission Control all day

February 21: Kid Talk - AM; STAAR Training - PM (Kristin, Kate, Julie, Erin and Marieca out)

February 22: Kid Talk - PM

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