Can I Stay In Touch?

From Lindsey

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Hey! I'm writing to ask if I can stay in touch with you? And maybe send a deal or two from time to time?

We met on Trusper and you grabbed one of my [hopefully] really helpful deals - like Fabletics, Julep, or Twice. I host contests on my blog and through email (I recently gave away a Premium Glossybox Subscription) and would like you to be in the loop. See some of my sample offers below.

Is this cool? If not, feel free to unsubscribe from this email... *Tear*

Square Cash

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To launch Square's new app, Square Cash, they are giving away $1 for trying it out. Simply sign up here - and enter your details for your dollar. Hey, it's a cup of coffee.

Square Cash is also a great app. You can send or receive money without ANY fees.


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New Colors! - Summer's got next and Julep ( has a new box! As usual, you'll get it free (only $2.99 shipping). New sign ups only. This box has 6 limited edition goodies!

Disclaimer - If you decide that you want to cancel your monthly subscription after receiving your box, call Julep at 877.651.3292. 'For security reasons, they cannot process cancellations by email or online.'

Lindsey C. Holmes

Lindsey is a sought after Digital/ Web Strategist, Online Marketer, Evernote Expert, and Speaker on the 'Future of the Web,' and is the author of five books on Digital Marketing and Evernote. She has helped to brand the web strategies of the State of California, the State of New Jersey, Beats By Dre, Muve Music/ Cricket Wireless and Campbell Soup to name a few.

More than anything however - she loves sharing tips and deals with friends.