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Making a Decision?

What to Ask Teen Treatment Centers/Specialists When Making a Decision?

Teen addicts need to be treated differently because of their age and physical attributes. They deal with different issues in life and have different reasons to resort to alcohol. Teen treatment programs, mostly, focus on addressing their academic issues, family troubles and love relationship issues. The other aspect is that most teens live in denial, thinking that they do not consume alcohol to alleviate their symptoms of anger, anxiety and frustration, but do it for fun sake. That’s why teen treatment centers adopt a different approach when it comes to helping them out to overcome their addiction and gain control over their lives.

Before we actually talk about how teens are treated for their addiction problem, let us have an in-depth understanding on why teens are treated differently from adult addicts.

  • § Adolescents generally have less tolerance for alcohol, as they are just the beginners or have not reached the advanced stage of addiction. They can quickly regain control over their life and overcome addiction, if they voluntarily enroll themselves in a treatment program.

  • § Teens do not have fully-developed brain, which puts them at a greater risk for serious consequences if they continue to abuse alcohol for longer period of time.

  • § The substance abuse also affects their physical and emotional growth. They begin to look mature and older than their actual age but are not developed emotionally. Their emotional quotient is still low and therefore, they are very unstable.

  • § Teens are always a part of family. The criticism from parents, sexual abuse in childhood and broken relationships of their parents affect them a lot mentally and emotionally. These are some of the biggest reasons why teens become addicted to alcohol.

Because of all these reasons, the teen treatment centers take different approach to treat young patients. Convincing them for treatment itself is the most difficult step. Most teens take it otherwise in a derogatory way to ruin their image. However, it is not so, but then it’s really difficult to make them realize that they actually have a problem

Professional interventionists can help families to convince their adolescents to enroll into a treatment program. They can talk to them and make them believe that they and their families are suffering because of addiction.

If you’re looking for a treatment center for your teen addict, ask them a few questions before making final decision. These are:

  • § What types of treatments they have?

  • § How can they say that their programs are effective?

  • § How exactly they assess the problems of teen addicts and design a treatment plan?

  • § Is family involved in the treatment process? If yes, how?

  • § How long generally a treatment process takes?

  • § What activities and things they have to engage adolescents?

  • § How do they handle things when teens go out of control or run away from the treatment facility?

  • § Do they have any real time data to show how successful a treatment program is?

  • § How much is the cost of the entire program? Do they accept insurance? Is there any other way to pay the fee?

Make a decision only if you get satisfactory answers to these questions.

This article discusses why teen addicts need to be treated differently and why teen treatment centers adopt a different approach to treat adolescents. In addition, it also features a list of questions that you must ask before finalizing a treatment center. To help contact alcoholaddictionresource.com