Daisy Buchanan

by Majestic Tiegen-Merrifield

Bio Poem


Lovable, attentive, sophisticated

Daughter of the south

Lover of happiness, attention, and the color white

Who feels upset when she calls, loved when in the presence of Jay, and confused by decisions

Who needs affection from dear ones, the attention of a room, expensive things

Who gives a sense of mystery, corruption to Gatsby's dream, and pain to those she meets

Who fears being alone, growing poor, disapproval from others

Who would like to see the past relived

Resident of East Egg


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Symbol- diamond ring

I chose a diamond ring to represent Daisy because her marriage and her staying faithful or unfaithful rather is a big part of her in the story. A ring is a symbol of love, marriage, faith and also money. One of the reasons she has vowed to be with Tom Buchanan.
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Symbol #2

My second symbol to represent Daisy is the color of white. White to me represents false purity. White is the color of purity and innocence. This is exactly how Daisy comes off as at first. Eventually fading away. But I believe that that is exactly what she wants everyone to believe, she pure and innocent.


"-that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool."

(Fitzgerald 17)

Daisy wishes her daughter to be the witty fool of a girl that she herself poses as. To be blind to all thing and beyond anything, beautiful. She wishes her daughter to be blind to the acts of men, to be unaware of the abandonment and unfaithfulness she assumes most women are subjected to. This is significant because it is the exact opposite of herself. She sees the abandonment and the way she is neither respected or loved, Daisy is not the fool she acts as. I chose this because I think it shows a lot about the way Daisy acts and why she does some of the things she does.