By Jonah Johnson

All drugs are bad!

We all know drugs are bad, like weed, cocaine, heroin, and so on, but Methamphetamine is the king killer. If you do this drug long enough feel and look like a monster. There are several reasons not to do meth, such as the mental problems it can cause, the physical problems it can do to your body, and the legal ramifications that can occur from doing this drug.

Mental Problems

The first reason not to do meth is because of the mental problems it can cause. Meth can cause severe depression. Depression means sadness. This can lead to abuse, suicide, and other horrible effects. Another mental illness it can cause is paranoia. Paranoia is an illness which causes you to be anxious about everything and very paranoid. Another is insomnia. Insomnia is an illness which makes it mentally impossible to sleep. This can lead to death. "Crystal meth, once consumed, is the worst possible thing the brain can encounter." that quote from the book vividly explains the relationship between crystal meth and the brain. PG. 19, 21, 22

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Physical Problems

The second, and grossest reason, is the physical problems it can do to your body. The first thing it does is, it gives you meth mouth. Meth mouth is what people call it when your teeth start falling out in your gums turn brown. This is obviously not very attractive. Also, meth can cause aging to appear faster and more vividly. Wrinkles will show, and your hair can fall out. While you’re high on meth you hallucinate and sometimes there are bugs on your skin. While you see this people tend to rip off the skin where they see the bugs. This can lead to horrible infections causing death or serious diseases for the rest of your life. These effects on your body can affect personal life, and other important parts of your life in bad ways. PG. 23,11,7

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Legal Ramifications

The third and final reason not to do crystal meth is the legal ramifications that can occur from doing this drug. If you are caught handling this drug in any way, depending on the amount, you can be put in jail for 3-20 years. “Handling of an illegal drug is a felony". Also, once you are out, you are put on probation for five years. This means you are let out, but if you commit and crimes you are put in jail for even longer than before. Lastly, you will get a criminal record which can affect your career for your entire life. You might have to work at McDonalds your whole life. Using, selling or any other way of handling meth is illegal and can ruin your life if you are caught.

When Methamphetamine was first created

Sunday, Jan. 1st 1893 at 9pm


Just don't do it. Not once.

Overall methamphetamine is a risky, disgusting, and dangerous thing to do to your body and life. It's actually one of worst things to do to yourself. Crystal meth can cause dozens of mental illnesses, physical problems, and lots of trouble with the law.