Freedom Team Monday Night Call - 7

Dr. Nick Messina - MD

Monday Night April 21st, 2014 - 7 pm central time

Dr. Messina says many doctors, especially from the Baby Boomer generation, are so burdened by their student loans from medical school and keeping up with their brick-and-mortar practices that they’re delaying retirement.

“I started my practice, borrowed a lot of money and worked really hard for five years to establish a six-figure income to pay off the debt,” explains Dr. Messina. “But then I had to work even harder to maintain that income. I have no problem with hard work, but when I work hard and establish a six-figure income with Isagenix, I will have to work less hard to maintain it because of the residual income aspect.”

Another perk? He’s still teaching others how to create a healthy lifestyle, fulfilling his ultimate calling. Now he’s turning his sights to Mexico where he went to medical school.

“People in Mexico are warm and outgoing and don’t have the inhibitions we do,” shares Dr. Messina. “They’re natural-born networkers, industrious and have no problem having an open conversation with a stranger. With the obesity epidemic and the economy stalled out, people want to do something on their own and earn money.”

Bottom line? Isagenix has provided him with an opportunity that working in a doctor’s office or a research facility could not.

“When I’m in the office, I can help one person at one time,” explains Dr. Messina. “With Isagenix, I can help a lot of people beyond the one-to-one situation of the office and change their lives.”

Freedom Team Monday Night Call

Monday, April 21st, 7-7:30pm

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